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St John's Hoxton

St John's Church in Hoxton, East London commissioned CSC to undertake a survey of people living and working in the Parish, so that the Church could find new ways of working for the benefit of everyone, regardless of their faith or background.

THE PROJECT: St Johnís Church in Hoxton has a long history of working creatively for the good of everyone living in this deprived area of London. To help maintain that tradition, the Vicar wanted to commission research into the needs and aspirations of residents and workers, so that he could develop a Mission Action Plan that best serves the needs of a community consisting of people from many ethnic backgrounds, students and commuters.

CSC'S ROLE: We designed a survey that covered respondentsí personal and family circumstances, their views on the best and worst aspects of living in Hoxton, and what they would like to see delivered from the Church when it is not being used as a Place of Worship. We then trained a team of volunteers to interview local people using that questionnaire, and anyone living or working in the Hoxton area was invited to contribute, irrespective of their
religious faith or cultural background.

CSC also helped the Church to secure grant funding to cover our fees, so the project effectively cost the Parish nothing.

THE OUTCOME: Nearly 500 people were interviewed, and their opinions were analysed by CSC using software that allows us to identify and respond to the views of demographic cohorts such as age or ethnic groups, younger parents or retired people.

Our report suggested a number of projects and activities that could be run from the Church building, and also identified areas where the PCC could lobby the Council for improved public services or more resources. We also suggested that the Churchís existing cultural and social activities could be better promoted in order to build relationships with a wider range of people. Finally, the report will also be used to support new grant funding applications by demonstrating the need and demand for a proposed activity.

THE CLIENT SAID: "We were delighted to work in partnership with David and Sandra at CSC. From the initial funding application to commission the audit, through to the production of the final printed report, they were friendly and helpful, and a pleasure to work with. Most of all, I appreciated their collaborative approach, and their efforts to train and develop volunteers to help deliver the project." (Revd Graham Hunter, Vicar)

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