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Heathrow evaluation

Urban Futures Ltd deliver a series of training packages designed to help people living around Heathrow Airport to gain work in the construction industry at the Airport. The programme was developed in conjunction with BAA, the construction industry and Job Centre Plus, and was also tailored to the requirements of the individual, largely dependant upon their previous skills and experience.

THE PROJECT: Urban Futures and their partners required an evaluation of a three month pilot project that aimed to help people with some previous experience of the construction industry to find work at the Airport. CSC was selected as we have extensive experience of conducting small and large scale project evaluations, and have ample experience of working with individuals from a variety of backgrounds, as would be the case with this cohort of trainees.

DELIVERY AND OUTCOME: The evaluation was based upon interviews with over 40 trainees at different stages of the process—some were new to the project, while others had completed the training and progressed into full time employment—and with senior executives of the employing companies. The interviews were based upon questionnaire pro-formas that we developed specifically for this exercise, and these allowed us to develop a consistent database of information without losing the flexibility to discuss other issues and explore particular points in more depth.

The information gathered was then analysed using specialist market research software that allows us to cross reference data and so pick up trends of opinion among specific demographic groups.

Our final report brought together the results of the two surveys to demonstrate that both groups were largely happy with the delivery of the programme, and that there was already evidence of people gaining employment at the Airport who would have otherwise been unlikely to do so. We also made a number of recommendations for improving communications between the delivery team and potential trainees awaiting placement, and for better briefing on some issues relating to the programme.

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