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Ivy Street Family Centre

The Ivy Street Family Centre wanted us to develop a robust information base about local demands for family services to support their applications for grants to support the redevelopment of the Centre.

THE PROJECT: The Hoxton Vineyard Church runs the Ivy Street Family Centre as a resource for the parents of pre-school children in this particularly disadvantaged area of East London. They offer a range of support and advisory services as well as a social centre where children can play and parents may get together in a friendly environment. The building is over 100 years old, is in urgent need of refurbishment and too small to deliver all the services that they would like to offer.

CSC’S ROLE: CSC were approached as we had recently undertaken a similar project in the same area. We first devised a short questionnaire that asked local people about the adequacy of family service provision in the area, and what they would most like to see delivered from an expanded Centre.

We also trained a small team of volunteers from the community to work alongside our own team in interviewing local residents, so that younger people could build their CV and skills base as they sought new employment opportunities. They interviewed nearly 500 local people, and the information they collected was then analysed by CSC using specialist software to produce a report that shows where the Centre could make the greatest impact on local needs.

THE OUTCOME: Our report demonstrated that local people greatly value the services that have been provided from the Ivy Street Family Centre over many years, and would be very keen to visit the Centre if it offered an expanded range of services that benefited older children, teenagers, parents and older people. The report also offered advice on targeting its activities, and provided a range of information and helpful quotes from the interviewees which can be used to support future funding applications.

THE CLIENT SAID: “CSC Regeneration provided us with a robust proposal which enabled us to obtain funding so we could conduct the survey. They supported and assisted us with the survey itself and then delivered a professional report which ensured that the responses obtained reflected the demographic of our community. We found the consultants helpful and responsive and a delight to work with.” Andrew Large, Ivy Street Family Centre

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