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Radha Krishna Temple

The Radha Krishna Temple in Stratford had acquired the freehold of terraced housing adjoining the Temple, and wished to convert these to a Community Centre that was available to all in the locality. CSC was commissioned to develop a feasibility study that explored local demand for such a facility to support their planning application.

In order to establish the level of demand for local facilities, CSC undertook two inter-related activities. Firstly, we identified six organisations that already hired facilities to individuals and community organisations in the same area of Newham, and asked them about their charges and whether they had any spare capacity or were unable to keep up with demand.

In the second phase, we contacted over thirty local community organisations to ask a series of questions about their experiences of hiring space in the area. We wanted to know whether they were satisfied with the availability of facilities, the quality of those facilities, whether they thought they were receiving value for money and whether they would like to see any particular services or facilities that were presently unavailable.

From that information, we were able to project a level of bookings that would be required in order to cover assumed running costs, and concluded that they should be able to run successfully should the new Centre come to fruition. We also suggested that there was particular unmet demand for child care and business conferencing services in the area, and that they should consider acquiring the equipment and making necessary building alterations in order to respond to those demands.

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