About CSC

CSC comprises of Sandra Crouch and David Axford, who have worked together for around 20 years. We come with a wide range of skills and experience and can help you at all stages of planning a new project or facility in your community.

Sandra previously worked in the voluntary sector for a range of charities including the delivery of employment and training services for ex-offenders. Her management roles have included Project development, HR and Training, volunteer management and heading up the fundraising functions. She is a skilled and engaging researcher with a fountain of knowledge about the charitable giving sector.

She is based in London and many of her weekends encompass art exhibitions, walking and trips to lidos in London and beyond.

After a long career managing public sector regeneration programmes, David joined CSC in 2001 and specialises in business planning, strategic overviews and project or programme evaluations. 

When he's not doing any of those, his hobbies include messing around in his garden and at a nearby Nature Reserve, spoiling his growing collection of grandchildren and wincing at the England cricket team.