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Broadstairs Housing Development 

CSC was contacted by a property developer that had been instructed by Thanet District Council to consult local people about the proposed development of a privately-owned green space to provide up to 150 homes of 3 – 5 bedrooms; this exercise was required as part of its planning application.


We were therefore commissioned to facilitate a two-day consultation event at the University of Kent Broadstairs Campus in August 2014. A flyer that outlined the proposal and invited people to the consultation event was circulated to 250 residences in the immediate vicinity of Westwood Lodge, and around 50 people took the opportunity to see and discuss the proposal. 


At the event, all were shown a map of the current site and the outline designs, which were then described in detail by members of our team; the visitors were then invited to complete a short questionnaire that asked for their comments on various aspects of the proposal. Their replies were then analysed using market research software to identify trends of opinion among specific demographic cohorts among the respondents and a report to the developers was included in an ultimately successful re-application for planning permission.

Residents studying our display.

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