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Ethiopian Women's Empowerment Group (EWEG)

EWEG is a community-led organisation dedicated to delivering services and support to women from Ethiopia and other Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic & Refugee (BAMER) communities to help them live healthy lives, learn skills, and build confidence; with those skills, the women helped by EWEG will be better able to support their own families as they settle in the UK. EWEG is based in North Kensington, and so much of its recent work has focussed on supporting the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire and others who have been traumatised by that horrific event. CSC has helped EWEG to secure nearly £70,000 over the past two years, which has allowed them to:


  • Deliver an intensive programme for BAMER women that raises their career aspirations, builds confidence and helps clients to access sustainable education training and employment


  • Run courses that enhance the physical and mental health and wellbeing of BAMER women


  • Improve the literacy and numeracy of BAMER women and children


  • Provide advice and information on a range of services, including housing and welfare, health, education and employment


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